Lioness Lessons Series


When I first came up with the idea of living My Lioness Life from Mane2Tale it was a vague but exciting idea I had for living the life I envisioned for myself and being the me, I always dreamed of being. It was meant to be an all encompassing transformation, changing everything about who I was to who I wish to become. After a few months of soul searching my vision became sharper, clearer and here are the components I have settled on. The Six Circles I invite you to join me in creating for yourself (in no particular order):

Circle One – My BODY transformation will be a move toward greater and greater physical health. Control of chronic health issues by becoming leaner and stronger. I will work to increase and fine tune my fitness regimen, eat cleaner, lessen my dependence on animal protein, avoid and eliminate as many environmental toxins as possible. I want this Lionesses body to be in hunting form

Circle Two – My BRAIN transformation will move me toward greater mental focus, clarity and memory. Improve my mood, my attitude and my ATTITUDE! I desperately want to make my brain function as sharply as possible. I don’t believe it is necessarily set in stone that our brains slow down as we age. I just don’t believe it and I don’t intend to just roll over and surrender to the aging process as far as my mind and memory are concerned.

Circle Three – My SPIRIT transformation. I want to deepen my relationship to my creator and his creations. I want to get back to a place where it is second nature for me to check in with God on the decisions I make, the work I do, the thoughts I think and the desires of my heart.  

Circle Four – My SELF LOVE transformation. Yes I’m talking openly about having an affair with me. Many women have a very, very bad habit of thinking less of themselves than makes sense considering we are…beautiful, intelligent, talented, witty, charming, caring, generous, thoughtful, sexy, strong, dependable, loyal and loving. I have been having an affair with myself for the last month or 2 and I think you ought to consider doing the same. Heck we all ought to. Love ourselves the way we would love someone else. Love ourselves the way we envision BEING loved by someone else. When you are the lover and the beloved that should be the yardstick by which all other loves are measured.

Circle Five – My PRIDE transformation. When I refer to Pride I mean my loving relationships, my inner circle which includes family, friends and those not of my blood but of my heart. Those I would give up or lay down my life for.

Circle Six – My PASSION transformation. I have lived quite a bit of my life doing what was expected or needed or safest. It is my continued intention to embrace those things that bring me genuine joy, that pique my curiosity, that my nerve endings dance, that make me glow.

I want to face the second half of my life with boldness, fierceness, curiosity, dignity, strength and faith due a Queen of the jungle. I want a Lioness Life!


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Exercising My Bliss

In the world of health, a big deal is made of the foods we do or do not put into our bodies.  A bigger deal is made of the cardio vs strength and flexibility vs endurance, but an often overlooked piece of the wellness puzzle if the effect of nourishing the spirit. Prayer can nourish our spirit much as locally grown, nutrient dense produce feeds our bodies. Communing with nature & reconnecting with its rhythms can offer us much needed balance in the same way the practice of yoga can teach us to find balance in our bodies. A spiritual practice provides refreshment, restoration and renewal. It can relieve stress, lower blood pressure, keep hunger within manageable levels and help us to find a remarkable peace.

The spirit can be refreshed in many ways and in many places. Yesterday I spent the day with my daughter. We had brunch at Eatonville in the U Street corridor of Washington, DC. The ambiance was compelling. The staff was welcoming, knowledgeable and generous in their recommendations and enthusiasm.  We sat in a booth and enjoyed good food, great conversation and exceptional company. And I was at peace. There amongst murals and memorabilia we discussed business and family, fashion and nutrition and I felt balanced. And her smile lit up my world like it always does and made feel closer to our creator. The day was a blessing. 

After brunch we found a pleasant salon and stepped in for some girl time. Side by side with our feet in the whirlpools and backs being worked over by the magic fingers of the massage chairs we looked at pictures of bathing suits and lingerie on our smart phones planning for an upcoming cruise for her wedding. More laughter. Giggles as the nail techs used those scrubby things on the bottoms of our feet. She is much better at holding back the laughter than I am. She is ticklish everywhere but I am only ticklish on my feet. And yes…laughter is therapy. It is almost impossible to release a real chuckle and remain tense.

The nail tech worked my calves and feet like she had nothing better to do the rest of the day and OMG! I needed that after my 13.1 mile run/walk from the day before. I fell asleep in that chair with my feet in the bag of hot wax and I only hope that if I snored it wasn’t too loudly.

I’m not suggesting that my day was healthier than running a 5K or eating fresh fruits and veggies would have been. Nor am I telling you that every weekend spent with your feet in warm soapy water will bring you optimal health. I’m just saying never underestimate the power of brunch and a mani-pedi to exercise your bliss.