Pride Coaching

I have looked at quite a few nutritional strategies to help me to confront and conquer my diabesity and other inflammatory related conditions chief among them being the diabetes and the obesity. It is not my intention to avoid aging but I do wish to avoid the symptoms of aging for as long as possible.
I have finally decided that the path that seems most effective for me nutritionally is the one outlined by Dr. Mark Hyman, Author of The Blood Sugar Solution. In addition to using this method for my own search for optimal health I plan to use this method primarily in working with my coaching groups which will be called Prides.

The program will run for 6 month sessions and guide participants in their search for optimal health through nutrition, physical activity, meditation for stress reduction and building healthy relationships. All of these areas meshing together in order to create a healthy whole person solution that addresses the underlying causes of un-wellness rather than just targeting the symptoms.

I am so excited to bring the power of the Pride to Health & Wellness Coaching!




Eat Well! Move Well! Be Well!


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