Tis the Season…

for vendors to send goodie boxes and goodie baskets of treats that I can’t eat. In addition to my Health Coaching practice, I work in the employee benefits field. Employee benefits, while necessary and beneficial for millions of Americans, is a lot of things but I promise you exciting is not one of those things. As a matter of fact as a rule after 4pm I try my level best to pretend I don’t have to go back to my office. EVER. I specialize in denial. This denial allows me to enjoy my evenings without the cloud that sits over my head 8-4 Monday through Friday.

It is also the time of the year when my company throws a gathering they call a party (everyone knows that it is in fact NOT a party since there is NO music and NO dancing).

There will be alcohol and there will be cake. Neither of which can I indulge in. And before you ask… it’s mandatory and I will be forced to stand around pretending I am socializing all the while fighting the desire to eat ALL the cake and drink ALL the liquor so I can have something to do. I don’t want to talk shop. I will not discuss politics. I could care less about golf. Never mind that the event is being held at a country club in the middle of a golf course. I will do my best to find a corner to sit in so as to be as inconspicuous as possible. Perhaps if all goes well no one will attempt to talk to me at all and I can count down the minutes until I am free to resume my life.

But if that doesn’t work, I do have some more productive strategies I will be employing as well.

  1. I will get as much rest tonight as possible. Being tired makes me irritable and it would be awful to start my day that way and almost guarantees a less than pleasant rest of my day…and evening.
  2. I will meditate on gratitude that I have employment while my coaching practice is building. That will help me feel less infringed upon by my employer for forcing me to do this year after year. This will be especially challenging. I admit it.
  3. I will focus on how I can treat myself with the overtime pay that comes along with this event.
  4. I will have a healthy snack or two before the event so that if there is nothing served that is suitable for my nutrition plan eating off plan will be a choice based on my desire and not on the need to fill my tummy.
  5. I will pay close attention to my hydration, drinking extra water so that if I do indulge in an adult beverage the effects will be minimized.
  6. I will smile as much as possible in hopes the endorphins released from the act of smiling will make the occasion less stressful.
  7. Lastly, I will get over it quickly and encourage denial to kick in as soon as I walk out of the venue. No sense thinking about it after that. At least not until next year.

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