General Thoughts

Don’t Worry… Be Ashy!

When my beautiful daughter A’Liya was 3 years old she decided that her Cabbage Patch Kid ™ Nikki was ashy after her “bath” and that she needed to be moisturizer. Back then we used Vaseline ™ which was a standard in almost every African American household. If it was dry or ashy your mama or Grandmama put some Blue Seal Vaseline on it. Period. Well Liya was a good mommy and she knew exactly what to do. She covered Nikki in petroleum jelly from head to toe. I don’t know when the last time was that you interacted with a Cabbage Patch Kid but they are not designed to be grease friendly…lotion friendly either for that matter. So Nikki remained covered with the slippery substance until dinner time when Liya showed up at the dining room table covered in the greasy substance and hugging a greasier Nikki.
Now in Nikki’s defense Liya had applied far more Vaseline to her than I would have applied to Liya but Nikki was quite frankly a mess.
After dinner both Liya & Nikki were marched off to tha bath tub where we attempted to remove what appeared to be most of a 1pound jar. Liya came out of the tub soft, smooth and no longer greasy. Nikki didn’t fare that well. After putting Liya to bed I spent a couple of hours bent over the bath tub with detergent and very hot water trying to get Nikki clean. It didn’t work all that well. Next I put Nikki in a pillow case and dropped her in the washing machine. And because she was made of cloth I had to let her completely dry in between to make surofs lol the oil was out. It wasn’t. It took 5 washing machine cycles to get Nikki close to normal. That was almost 30 years ago and even now if you rub Nikki really hard your hands will feel softer and less dry.
Toxins in our environments are very similar. If they get inside us their effects on us can be lessened but it is far more difficult to remove them than it would be to prevent their being absorbed by us in the first place. Like my daughter many of us are unaware of the unforeseen effects these contaminants may have on us. What’s needed is someone to explain why petroleum jelly shouldn’t be applied to cloth dolls (or living humans for that matter). In order to achieve the optimal health we’re looking for we need to be as focused on avoiding toxins as we are on eating right and working out.
Detoxes and cleanses for us are the same as washing machines and laundry detergent for toys. They have a useful purposes in removing the foreign substances we can’t help coming in contact with. I provide cleanse and detox programs for my clients but I am much more passionate about teaching clients how to avoid the Toxins in the first place.

Eat Well! Move Well! Be Well!


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