What it is and What it Aint

When The ANTs Come Marching In

I recently learned a valuable lesson. I learned that not every thought that creeps, slithers or oozes from the darker recesses of my mind are to be believed. Sometimes my mind lies to me. Oh I’m not special in this regard. Sometimes yours lies to you too. It happens to us all. There’s that woman that thinks she still ought to wear the cut off tank top when her core is obviously no longer appropriate for display. There’s that guy that thinks he really is as good a ball player as he once may have been or that the toupee he’s wearing looks natural when in fact everyone knows it’s a hair piece…a very bad hair piece.

You see automatic thoughts come in many forms but I have a problem with the Negative ones.
These thoughts are called ANTs by Dr. Daniel Amen… Automatic Negative Thoughts. These are the thoughts that come to you unbidden and unplanned. They pop up seemingly out of nowhere ruining our day, keeping us stuck and often unable to move forward. They can rob us of our joy and of our positive momentum. Before we allow those ANTS to take control of our lives we need to stop and ask ourselves whether the things our brains are telling us are really true or whether our minds are playing games with us.

These ants have been running through my head since I was a little girl. They have plagued me most of my life. My ants don’t tell me that I’m smaller, sexier, smarter or more talented than I am. My thoughts that say I’m not pretty enough (obviously lies since I am in fact quite nice to look at.) The thoughts that insist I’m not tall enough or that I’m too tall when I am in fact the perfect height for me. Whispering in my ear and annoying me. Undermining my self confidence and possibly robbing me of opportunities by creating uncertainty where there should be none. So today I’m killing ants. I have been smashing the heck out of some ANTS. And I’m declaring my head a NO ANT ZONE! I’m squashing them the minute they surface. I’m hiring me to be pest control! The ANTS must go! I’m not saying I won’t occasionally think some less than positive stuff but I’m dealing with the automatic ones…the reflexive ones. I’ve decided that if I’m going to have unbidden, reflexive thoughts I’m opting for positive ones. No. I don’t plan to wear any cut off midriff baring tops and I’m not gonna glue or weave 20lbs of someone else’s china doll hair onto my head but I do plan to think of myself as freaking awesome! I will be thinking of myself as flawless courtesy of Beyonce. Yes I woke up like dis!


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