Lioness Lessons Series, What it is and What it Aint

How My 2014 Arrived

I did not spend my New Years Eve celebrating at a lively gathering surrounded by party people. And I didn’t spend it in the arms of some hot blooded man (or even a like warm one for that matter). Actually there was nothing exciting or out of the ordinary planned. In fact my original intention was to take a nap, rise at 11:30, lace up my running shoes, hop on my treadmill and greet the new year hot and sweaty. Maybe do a little meditation or journaling after. Eh maybe even toss in a little business building activity. An affirmation of what I wanted the rest of my year to look like.

Instead at 11:30 when my alarm went off I just glared at my watch, rolled over and went bak to sleep. Ha! Maybe 2014 should be the year of the decent night’s sleep. Something I couldn’t say I’d gotten nearly enough of since October. Maybe what I really needed was to bring in the new year rested. Yeah! Go back to sleep Nia! Sounded like an even better plan to me.

So when I awoke an hour later to the sound of one of my nieces crying I was both alarmed and annoyed. I was bringing in the new year rest broken yet again. Another less than 7 hour night courtesy of my life as I know it. I’m 51 for God’s sake not 31! I neeeeedddddd my sleep to function properly! Ugh! I wanted to cry. I may have actually done so. I was too tired to remember.

And then 2 little people climbed in bed with me. And I felt their warm snuggly bodies on either side of me. And once again my world and my attitude shifted. I’m not really superstitious and never believed that how you brought in the new year was an indication of what the rest of that year would look like.

No. There were no festivities. No There was no party. No champagne. No. There was no romantic evening and no kiss at midnight either.

at 12:30 there were kisses, tickles and hugs. Yes. Shortly after midnight i was reminded that I am both loved and needed.
At 1AM they were back in their own beds.

We’ll keep working on that “sleep in your own bed thing” and I’ll keep being grateful that I am loved and needed even if it costs me a few hours of sleep.


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