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Lioness Lessons…Focus!

I was watching a documentary the other day. Lionesses on the Serengeti plains.  It spent considerable time on the way they hunt. I was fascinated by them as I always have been. What struck me was the way they picked a target out of an entire herd. They zeroed in with laser focus and they never allowed the vast numbers of others in the herd to distract them. This one tactic accounts for their incredible success in bringing down the chosen target. They eat because they focus.   A Lioness that is unable to focus doesn’t eat and neither does her pride.

I’m sitting here at my desk at work. Not the desk of my private office where I run my wellness practice but at the desk of my J.O.B. Which stands for Just Over Broke, Jump Offa Bridge, Jammed-Up Outta-Luck Bam!

The desk where I earn the cash that pays the bulk of my bills as I build my practice. Both of these vocations serve their purpose and both have value in my life. My wellness practice gives me joy. And that joy is priceless. The job however has limited value. It pays the bills but drains me of everything else. It saps my energy. Dampens my creativity and steals my time. And this last is unforgiveable. It is the one aspect I can’t get over or forgive it. Yeah. It pays the bills but it’s not worth it. Quite frankly it never has been. But as I grow more fully into the Lioness I envision I realize the trade off is a joke.

Today more than ever I am reminded how little value it has. I have custody of my 5 year old Twin Nieces. Today is their first day of Kindergarten. It will never come again and I am missing it. I should have been there to dress them and pack their backpacks and lunchboxes. The job allowed me to purchase them. Doc McStuffins…one of their favorite characters. But I wasn’t. I woke them but didn’t even get to kiss them good-bye. There was no time. I had a bus to catch. I won’t get to have that first day of school meeting with their teachers or see their little desks or the cubbies their stuff will be stored in. Will they have seats near the window? I have no idea. My dad will get to do all those things. He’s retired. I am not. So I hunt. Yes. I hunt. My job is like a wildebeest. It’s not pretty. I would prefer not to hunt that at all but a Lioness has got to eat. And she has to feed her Pride. So wildebeest it is.

Whatever your personal tasty morsel is… Focus! Make it your mission to journal or post affirmations where you can see them. Tell a friend or two. Find some accountability partners. Register for In every major decision you make ask yourself:

  • Is this decision in line with my goals?
  • Will it increase my drive to reach my goals?
  • Will this distract me, delay me, deter me or detract from me reaching my goals?
  • Will this fuel me?
  • Can this wait?


I am working harder than ever to be at peace with the damned wildebeest but what I really want is that tasty zebra. That would be my private practice; my businesses – wellness, retreats and travel. It’s what I dream of when my head finally hits the pillow at night. It’s what has me jumping out of bed in the morning shaking my mane and my tail. Not to get to the wildebeest but to get passed it so I can get home to continue the real hunt. The one that matters. I would run through an entire herd of those ugly creatures to get to that one elusive bite. And I am determined to have it.  All that tender, juicy zebra.

A Lioness has to be committed to taking down her true prize. She has to be so focused that she has to be reminded to rest. Reminded to relax, occassionally. So I remind myself periodically that the wildebeest is a means to an end. Fuel for the real hunt so that I can also find some joy in the taste of wildebeest in the meantime. Note to my personal zebra….I’m coming for you!


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