General Thoughts


I love Mike Holmes. In case you are unfamiliar with him he does these renovation shows where he comes in and fixes mistakes and malpractices of other contractors. He doesn’t just cover it over he tears it out and starts fresh with solid foundations. That’s how it should be done. Not just with home improvement but in all aspects of our lives.

I recently did some renovations on my office space and it occurred to me that dieting solely to lose weight is much like painting over a wall that has underlying water damage. Eventually the mold will reappear because the “problem” hasn’t really been fixed just covered over. Don’t get me wrong weight loss in a world where obesity is at epidemic proportions is not a bad thing. Any more than cosmetic changes to your living space is a bad thing. But when cosmetic changes take priority over good health we have a real problem.

I encourage my clients to make healthy changes. To step up their nutrition, get their bodies in motion and get their stress under control in order to control their diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure. Those activities will lengthen and improve their lives, brighten their overall outlooks for both the present and their futures and give them more time on the planet to revel in all it has to offer.

A well done renovation of your home should tear down the damaged walls and toss out the debris. The pipes should be checked for damage and cleaned or replaced. Proper insulation comes next, the new dry wall or plaster. Then and only then should you consider painting your perfectly smooth wall.

A well done renovation of you isn’t that different. Tear down those damaged walls you’ve thrown up that have allowed your health to deteriorate. Toss out all the junk food, junk thinking and the junk lifestyle that’s keeping your sick and tired. A good quality cleanse or detox is next. Get your system clear in preparation for all the new and improved nourishment. Work on building newer stronger walls with a well designed fitness plan. Then you can worry about what you look like.

Losing weight may improve self esteem and self image and that’s great but a smaller dress size should be a happy side effect of great health.


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